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About our company


Top products since 1992

The company REGULA SERVIS has been operating in Slovakia since 1992 with the aim to provide top products from renowned manufacturers for instrumentation circuits in the chemical and power industry.

Our philosophy is to build and maintain long-term relationships with our customers, focusing on their requirements.

In the field of aviation fuel filtration we provide our customers with a complete service in accordance with valid regulations and directives.

Skúsenosti ikonka

Years of practical experience

Poradenstvo ikonka

Technical advice for optimal solution selection

Balík ikonka

Deliveries of certified products from leading manufacturers

Konverzácia ikonka

Consultation, training “Handling of aviation fuels” according to JIG

Company history

See the important milestones of our company since its inception


Establishment of the company


Establishment of Regula Servis MaR. The company was mainly engaged in the supply, installation and servicing of measuring and control equipment.


Transformation of the company to REGULA SERVIS s.r.o.


Transformation of the company to REGULA SERVIS s.r.o. with a gradual restructuring of its activities. From the original assembly of M&R, it is transferred to the supply of components for measuring circuits.


Establishment of a new division


Establishment of a new division "Aircraft Fuel Filtration" with a focus on the supply, installation and servicing of filtration and dispensing equipment at Slovak airports.


New brand of products


Commencement of distribution of FAUDI AVIATION products in Slovakia.


Offer extension


Distribution of fittings, valves and other products of FITOK GmbH.

Our references

See a list of our clients in the field of instrumentation sales and aviation fuel filtration

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