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REGULA SERVIS s.r.o. - Aviation Fuel Quality control & Operating standards

JIG (Joint Inspection Group)

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Aviation Fuel Quality Control & Operating Standards

The main purpose of this document is to provide a set of agreed standards to be used for quality control and fuel handling at a particular location.

The content of the standards was developed in cooperation with the world's largest operators of filling equipment ENI, BP, Chevron, ExxonMobile, Shell, Total, Kuwait Petroleum.

Aviation fuel handling is subject to strict control to prevent contamination by mechanical particles and the presence of free water. Therefore, the procedures set out in the JIG are followed at every stage from production through transportation, storage to aircraft refuelling..

At each fuel handling stage, a filter device is used to trap mechanical particles as small as 1 µm and remove free water from the fuel below 20 ppm .

The recommendations contained in JIG focus not only on the quality of aviation fuel, but also on the technical condition of the filling equipment, tanks, hydrants, and in particular the observance of occupational safety regulations when handling highly flammable liquids.

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There are currently 3 JIG publications :

In addition to these publications, JIG publishes regular Journals with current changes.

Supply of clean aviation fuel

Filtration of aviation kerosene JET A1 and aviation petrol AVGAS 100

One of the basic conditions for the safe operation of aircraft technology is the supply of clean aircraft fuel free of mechanical particles, free water and biological material.

To achieve this, the fuel is filtered at every stage of handling, from production, transportation, storage to the actual filling of the aircraft. It shall be filtered at least four times before it reaches the aircraft from the manufacturer so as to contain no mechanical particles greater than 5 µm with a free water content of less than 20 ppm. For this purpose, two-stage filters with coalescent and separating filter cartridges are used in the production plant when dispensing fuel to tanks, receiving fuel at the airport warehouse, dispensing to the refueling tank and filling the aircraft itself.

These filtering equipment must comply with the strict conditions of EI 1581 and EI 1582 and EI 1596.

Filtrovanie leteckého petroleja a leteckého benzínu

JIG checks

Quality control of aviation fuel and related equipment is mainly focused on the following aspects:

Filtration of Aviation Fuels regulations
Kontrola kvality leteckého paliva.

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Dodávka čistého leteckého paliva
Kontrola leteckého paliva
Filtrácia leteckého paliva
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